Ian Baker

Ian Baker

Ian Baker is a cinematographer working internationally on motion picture feature films.

Ian has worked extensively in the United States, Australia, Europe, the UK, Asia, and Canada for studios such as Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures, HBO and Fox, as well as independent producers.

Ian has over 40 years experience refining his craft with celluloid film. In recent years, Ian has embraced modern digital cinematography and its innovations within his creative repertoire.

From a background study and appreciation of fine art, Ian has approached his cinematography as “painting with light”, illuminating the best imagery of many high profile actors, environments and the world’s landscapes.

Ian’s career began in advertising, working as a freelance cinematographer on television commercials. In 1976 he established his own production company in Melbourne, Australia, producing, directing and photographing commercials, that won many prestigious industry awards.

Ian’s feature film career began in the late 1970’s pioneering some of Australia’s most classic films like “The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith” and “The Devil’s playground” as the Australian film industry really began to define itself. It wasn’t long before his love of the big screen took over and his focus shifted entirely to feature film work.

Since then Ian has worked all over the world for different directors on a full range of production scales. From big budget, visual-effects-heavy productions, to straight-ahead romantic dramas, Ian can command film crews of all sizes and cater for the specific needs of each production, adaptively.

Ian is based in Australia, but has international representation through Lara Sackett at ICM.

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